Not just for salads - recipe suggestions

 As we say, our dressings are more versatile than their name might suggest. We hope you might like to try some (or all) of the suggestions above or the following and would love to hear from you with any other recipe/use suggestions.

1. The Mustard Dressing makes a lovely base for a homemade burger slaw. Just enough "tang" to bring out the flavour of any burger.

2. The Oriental Style Dressing proves to be a perfect partner for salmon. Try using it as a marinade before cooking the fish and enjoy with noodles, rice or couscous. Alternatively, it will bring out the meat flavours when roasting your favourite.

3. The Oriental Style is also a delicious dip - as fans of falafel, we love to use it as a very tasty addition when serving falafel as a light bite or starter.

4. The Mustard Dressing of course loves spicing up sausages (meat or veggie) and whether in a hot dog, or not.

5. And staying with sausages or other comfort suppers, do try the Mustard Dressing in mashed potato - delicious!

 However you try them, we hope you will love them!